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virmach 怎么样,virmach 好不好,virmach 发布了一个很奇葩的夏季促销,vps 的价格还是秉持 vir 一贯的风格,低到爆炸,原本就很低的价格,还来个首年 8 折的优惠,也就是说最后最低配的 VPS 低至 7.2 美元/年。

需要注意的是:你所购买的 vps 将于 2021 年 9 月 30 日至 2022 年 4 月 30 日 2 进行服务器转移,转移期间 IP 会发生改变,CPU 由 Intel 平台转换成 AMD 平台,此外机房也会变动(if you select Buffalo, New York, you may be moved to NYC Metro)这种变动应该是采取了就近分配的原则。

virmach:夏季促销,.2/年,1 核/512M 内存/10gSSD/1T 流量/1Gbps 带宽,多达 7 个机房可选



首年 8 折优惠码:MIGRATE2021


以下 vps 套餐将于 9 月 30 日开始逐步转换到 AMD 平台,机房本着就近原则分配,比如你选择了洛杉矶,那么分配后应该还是在洛杉矶。if you select Buffalo, New York, you may be moved to NYC Metro!!

vir 的 vps 是基于 kvm 虚拟,G 口带宽,纯 SSD RAID10,不过商家监控还是很严格的,需要小心使用。


1 核512M10G1.0T/月$7.2/年链接
1 核768M15G2.0T/月$9.6/年链接
1 核1G20G3.0T/月$12.0/年链接
2 核2G40G4.0T/月$20.0/年链接
3 核3G60G5.0T/月$28.0/年链接


*Your service will provision on a server that has a planned migration between approximately 09/30/2021 and 04/30/2022. You will either receive a notice allowing you to self-migrate to a Ryzen node, or you may be required as a part of scheduled migration. After migration, IPv4 will change, as will network blend. Location may change, but we’ll keep you in a similar region. For example, if you select Buffalo, New York, you may be moved to NYC Metro, New York. While we have planned to migrate the above packages to Ryzen nodes before the end of their annual term, it is not a guarantee. No ETA is provided. Please note, there is a possibility that your service may be consolidated into another Intel node before a Ryzen node if there is limited availability, but we will try to avoid that.


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